At Hondru Ford of Manheim, we give you the same care in winterizing your vehicle that we give to our own. Whether you need a fresh set of winter tires installed, have concerns about your battery making it through the winter season or would like us to replace your windshield wiper blades and top up your engine fluids, our Elizabethtown area service center is here to prepare your Ford for the very worst weather winter can send its way.

Winter Tires Are Essential

The time to start worrying about tire traction isn’t in the dark on a snowy road around Lancaster. Make sure your tires are adequate to get you through months of slippery driving now. We can check your tire pressure and tread depth and help you decide if your current set of tires is the right choice for winter driving. Tires made specifically for driving in the snow offer the best tread pattern and chemical makeup for gripping surfaces reliably.

Your summer or all-seasons are excellent for what they’re designed to do, but neither one can take on the full harshness of winter driving around East Petersburg more effectively than tires design specifically for that purpose.

Check Your Battery

Another system adversely affected by cold weather in Lititz is your battery. Freezing temperatures diminish your battery’s capacity to maintain a charge; that’s why the story of discovering a dead battery on a winter morning is such a common one. We’ll conduct a test on your battery to ensure it’s strong enough to get you through the winter.

We can also replace torn wiper blades, fill up your engine fluids and give a thorough inspection to your brakes, belts, hoses and spark plugs to make sure they don’t fail at a time that will leave you stranded in cold weather. We can also advise you on emergency items to carry with you in case you break down.

Schedule Your Winter Service Near Mount Joy

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